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Wohnbau in Nanterre La Défense, Architektur Aktuell

FMA’s Nanterre La-Defense housing building published on A+T

The Function of Style

Publisher: Actar, FunctionLab, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Language English
ISBN-10: 1940291305
ISBN-13: 978-1940291307


L’Architecture d’Ajuourd’hui 388

Farshid Moussavi from FOA to FMA: Yokohama, London, Tehran


The Function of Form

Publisher: Actar Language English ISBN-10: 8496954730 ISBN-13: 978-8496954731


The Function of Ornament

Publisher: Actar, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Hardback: 192 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-84-96540-50-7



Architectural Review January 2014

Farshid Moussavi Viewpoints: Planning is a lost art form


Architectural Review February 2013

Farshid Moussavi Viewpoints: Creative leaps in the arena of achitectural competitions


Harvard Design Magazine 35

Farshid Moussavi: 30 St. Mary Axe (pages 54-59)

ISSN: 1093-4421

ISBN: 978-0-9798386-8-2

Instigations- engaging architecture, landscape and the city

Farshid Moussavi: An Archeological Approach (pages 70-75)

Publisher: Lars Muller Publisher

ISBN: 978-3-03778-307-8


Architectural Review January 2012

Farshid Moussavi Viewpoints: Parametric software is no substitute for parametric thinking


Arquitectura alpina

Frashid Moussavi: La arquitectura como naturaleza (pages 113-115)

ISBN: 9788487619915

Publisher: Circulo de bellas artes, Akademie der Kunste

Implicate and Explicate: Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2011

Farshid Moussavi: What about Symbols?

Architectural Review October 2011

Farshid Moussavi Viewpoints: Architecture and activism should be as closely linked as the problems we need to solve


Conditions No4

Farshid Moussavi: The Function of Architecture (page 92-96)

ISSN: 1891-2672


‘A’A’ 378

Farshid Moussavi interviewed by Gabrielle Sandwert (pages 186-189)

ISSN: 003-8695