World Trade Centre 1 – Bundle Towers, New York

The Bundle Towers is a proposal for the replacement of the World Trade Centre 1 with a new high-rise typology. The evolution of the highrise has involved a process in which the increase in height of the skyscraper has each time resulted in the concentration of  more structure along the periphery of the floors, as the lateral forces become ever stronger than the gravitational ones. This process has gradually evolved the post and beam structural system, which distributes structure evenly across the floor plates, into tubular structures. As the highrise grows taller, the strength of the material is insufficient for the structure to provide stability against lateral forces. Therefore, the only solution is to keep increasing the depth of the floors proportionally. This leads to buildings that are extremely deep and heavily dependent on artificial light and mechanically-controlled ventilation.

The Bundle Towers engages with the building mass, rather than with just the distribution of the structure along the perimeter of floor plates. It is assembled as a bundle of interconnected structural tubes, each providing 500m2 of work space that buttress each other for increasing structural stability. Each of the workspaces along the 110 floors of workspaces accordingly benefit from natural light and views of the exterior along their perimeter. In addition, at the point where the structural tubes touch each other, the workspaces gain access to additional escape stairs from the neighbouring tubes. At those floors, sky lobbies are also made possible which increase the potential for interaction and exchange between workers in a highrise.


Architect - Foreign Office Architects


New York, United States


Ground Zero



Total area