Trinity EC3, London

Trinity EC3 was part of a regeneration project comprising 120,000m² of office space and 2500m² of retail facilities in one of the most degraded parts of London’s financial district. The project aimed to improve the site by increasing density levels through a coordinated reorganisation of public spaces and transport infrastructure, including relocating the existing Bus Terminal and providing a new London Underground entrance within the complex.

The office accommodation is divided into three freestanding deep office buildings, each with a central core and large floor plate, arranged around a public galleria. The building on the corner between Aldgate High St. and Minories is designed as 90m high which will mark its presence on St. Botolph’s Square. The other two buildings, affected by the height limitations of the Mayor’s protected views from Queens Walk, remain lower, mediating the height of the corner building with the surrounding fabric. Each of the buildings are further sculpted to negotiate with the rights of light of the surrounding buildings and to maximize daylight intake into the galleria via its glazed roof. Each of the three buildings are therefore unique in shape, with each of their facets oriented to the sky or the ground and therefore generating unexpected imagery of the site environment through juxtaposition of reflections.


Architect - Foreign Office Achitects


London, United Kingdom


Beetham Organization



Total area