Torrevieja Municipal Theatre and Auditorium, Torrevieja, Spain

The Torrevieja Municipal Theatre and Auditorium was commissioned as part of a larger urban infrastructure program intended to raise Torrevieja’s profile beyond its status as a mass tourist destination.

Located on a corner site of a block in the town centre, the project comprises a 650-seat theatre and auditorium and the redevelopment of the existing neighbouring plaza. Given the scarce amount of space available, the design lifts the auditorium from the ground level so that the plaza penetrates the plot and becomes a foyer underneath the cantilevered mass of the building. The public space becomes an incision into this solid mass: Its cantilevered geometry echoes the geometry of the auditorium above and it is clad in continuity with it in local limestone.

The single theatre interior is designed with a removable proscenium to provide a seamless continuity between the audience, the stage and the scenic tower and to provide the theatre maximum flexibility of use. Its interior finish is clad in a system of folded planes to reflect sound and provide optimum acoustic conditions for both theatre and musical performances.


Architect - Foreign Office Architects

Local Architect - Antonio Marquerie

Structural - NB35

Building Services - Consulting de Ingenieria ICA SL

Acoustical - UPV. Dpt. Fisica Aplicada

Scenic Equipment - Audiotec Sistemas


Torrevieja, Spain


Torrevieja City Council



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