Residences for Artists and Researchers, Paris

The site of the residential complex for artists and researchers on Île Seguin was previously the former home of the Renault factory in Paris. It is bordered on one side by the river Seine and on the other by a large park designed by Michel Devigne. Each building on the Île was required to integrate an element of a masterplan for the site, designed by Stéphane Maupin. The residential complex for artists and researchers needed to integrate an elevated Galerie.

The residential complex was accommodated within four residential bays located perpendicular to the river and the park and separated by two large gardens, and a single residential bridge structure sitting above them. This assemblage of stacked residential bays provided the density of units required within the maximum permissible building envelope while also providing the residential units with simultaneous views of the river and the park to the apartments.

As the residences were to be occupied artists and researchers rather than home owners, the building envelope was designed not with a fixed expression but to explore the nomadic character of its occupants. Rather than fixing a distribution of window locations that would pre-determine both the exterior character of the complex and fix the experience of the interior, the exterior envelope was designed as a double layer system comprising a floor to ceiling layer of glass and a layer of perforated metal shutters. This would allow the inhabitants to reconfigure their relationship to the outside both in terms of views, light and privacy, to suit their needs. The building envelope would therefore register, at any given moment, the nomadic life within the complex.


Architect - Foreign Office Architects


Paris, France


ING Real Estate, Icade G3A, SAEM Val de Seine Amenagement



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