Public Spaces Along the Thames – Swimming Pool, London

The Wapping pier head is comprised of two elements of special interest: mature green landscape and proximity to water. Presently these are connected by a small slope that fails to bring people in contact with the Thames. The site is therefore a great opportunity to create a modest but dynamic public space facing the river.

The proposal evaluates the existing elements on the site with the aim to connect them. A semi-circular plaza is proposed to replace the existing slope. This stepped plaza provides a great flexibility of use – from its basic function as a simple square to a small amphitheatre for cultural events to a venue for hosting bigger social events. The river can then be used as an extension of this plaza to host events on floating elements such as open-air films, open-air theatrical performances, concert performances, a floating outdoor swimming pool, or a floating belvedere pier. The new stepped plaza is according an open system that operates in many different ways: complete in its simplest form as a square, or extended through additions of temporary items. It provides a multi-functional place capable of providing the neighbourhood as well as people from the rest of London with a space that is at times contemplative in nature and at other times active and social.


Architect - Farshid Moussavi Architecture


London, United Kingdom


Transport for London