Public Spaces Along the Thames – Cycle Highway, London

In the past decade, 155% more Londoners have started cycling to work. TfL anticipates that this figure, which is in part due to the four new Barclays Cycle Superhighways, will rise by a further 35% by 2015 in response to the introduction of another nine Superhighways. These Cycle Superhighways provide segregated cycle routes for commuters coming from outer London into the City. However, city centre commuting remains both unsafe and time consuming since, once the Superhighway ends, cyclists are forced to navigate un-segregated traffic.

Our proposed solution is to utilise the north Thames for a new ‘crossrail’ Cycle Superhighway which runs from the Tower Millenium Pier to Blackfriars pier, providing cyclists with a segregated east-west route along the edge of the city centre, avoiding the most difficult trafficked intersections. Designed as a 5m extension of the existing Thames embankment, this new Thames Cycle Superhighway will link the current bricolage of informal river promenades into a single, unified piece of urban infrastructure. In order to create continuity along the east-west path, gaps along the path would be filled in with new shops and leisure activities. The new Thames Cycle Superhighway will provide a fresh space for the casual stroller while at the same time creating a segregated by-way which reduces an inner city commute that can take up to twenty five minutes to less than ten minutes.

Architect - Farshid Moussavi Architecture


London, United Kingdom


Transport for London