Public Spaces Along the Thames – Cycle Bridge, London

This proposal for a new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Thames was developed to create much-needed connections between Limehouse and Rotherhithe, linking existing walking and cycle routes between Barclay’s Cycle Highway and Regent’s Canal, Limehouse Cut and the Thames Path and the Thames Cultural Cycle Route and the Russia Dock Woodland.

Designed as a large loop, the bridge rises above the water off Rotherhithe and spans across to Limehouse where it sets down on the towpath. The loop is raised to a height which allows ferries to pass beneath without the bridge opening, and its shape allows cyclists to cross the river without dismounting or turning through tight switchbacks. The centre portion of the loop operates as a swing bridge allowing larger ships to pass. The loop shape also creates several seating areas including an ampitheatre from which pedestrians can stop and enjoy unparalleled views of the city, the Thames and acitivty passing along the bridge. By doing so, the bridge will not only create a safe and convenient river crossing, it will also be new recreational space on the Thames.

Architect - Farshid Moussavi Architecture


London, United Kingdom


Transport for London