OSZ Chemistry Physics Biology, Berlin

The new science college building for the OSZ in Berlin Neukoelln, is situated in the north-east of the site to create a well-lit south facing garden. The building volume is bent to orientate itself towards the garden and establish a dialogue with it. This introduces a curvature to the building floor plans which also has the advantage of bending the internal corridors which connect the different departments’ classrooms, making the corridors appear shorter since students and teachers only see its length partially at any one time. The curvature of the volume also breaks down the very large scale of the college volume which in turn is clad in a glass curtain wall comprised of convex glass modules that coincide with classroom bays. Internally, the curved glass curtain wall, creates bay windows in each classroom, extending the teaching spaces out towards the exterior.

Inside, the educational program is distributed on four levels around a central atrium, a sports hall and a courtyard space wrapped by a band of classrooms. By placing the sports hall in the centre of the building, where it is darkest, the external facades are liberated for teaching spaces which benefit from natural light and views of the exterior. This arrangement of a ring of classrooms around the sports hall also helps to encourage social interaction between students participating in mental and physical education since the corridors which link the classrooms are animated by views of the sports activities, and vice versa.


Architect - Farshid Moussavi Architecture

Project Director - Farshid Moussavi

Project Team - Philippe Dufour-Feronce, Paniz Peivandi, Elliott Hodges, Jose Cifuentes, Didar Hussein, Katie Albertucci


Berlin, Germany


Senatsverwaltung fuer Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt Berlin



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