Ilot PSA Citroën, Nantes

The Îlot PSA Citroën project is is a mixed-use development comprising market and social housing, offices and retail elements. The residential and office components are each accommodated into discrete compact volumes for maximum spatial, and arranged in such a way as to create a large open space. The compact footprint of the residential blocks minimises the interior circulation space and maximizes privacy for the units. With four to five units per level, most of which are in a double-aspect corner position with natural ventilation and multiple views. The blocks are slightly sheared so the views from the interiors are not facing the buildings in front, but the oblique views opening to the context. Instead of a conventional stacked plinth with terraces, the units are connected by a green slope.

The blocks’ unique minimalist expression is created by the continuous balconies along the perimeter of each block whose width changes with the orientation of the façade on the different sides of the block. The soffit of the balconies is designed in dark tinted concrete finish so it accentuates the horizontal banding in contrast with the white slab edge. The glass balustrade is designed to be frameless to both reduce the materiality of the façade and create a scenario in which the final user completes the appearance of the building by adding elements like furniture and plants to an abstract background. The perimeter of each residential unit is clad with 50% solid panels and the remainder in full height glazing. In order to minimize the appearance of weight, the solid panels are designed in black mirror stainless steel whose reflection dematerializes the concrete walls and captures the light of the context. Floor-to-ceiling windows not only bring the maximum light and relation with the exterior, but also reduce the elements on the façade so that it is composed of horizontal reflective bands.

Architect - Farshid Moussavi Architecture

Project Director - Farshid Moussavi

Project Team: Alvaro Fernandez, Giuseppe Giordano, Santiago Triginer, Philippe Dufour-Feronce, Frederic Meurisse, Lea Bracchi, Ziva Lorber

CGI - PlusImgs


Nantes, France





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Competition First Prize