FunctionLab is the research arm of Farshid Moussavi Architecture (FMA). Its core purpose is to critically examine the discipline of design, its tools and concepts on an ongoing basis, to ensure they remain relevant within the constantly changing built environment.

FunctionLab’s research projects are developed in tandem with FMA’s building commissions in order to create a feedback loop between practical questions raised in practice and research carried out in a projective manner. They are also developed through research developed by Farshid Moussavi for her studios and seminar series at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

In addition to architecture-specific research projects, FunctionLab acts as a platform for FMA to engage in direct and indirect collaboration with experts from other fields including science, art, philosophy, politics, economics, mathematics, computing, music, fashion, food, and others on topical issues. These collaborations take different forms, including conversations, short pamphlets titled ‘720’, and books.