What We Do
We are celebrated for projects that integrate an inventive approach to space and materials and a strong social awareness. Our buildings, whether they be a cultural centre or a retail space, a social housing project or a private home, are highly crafted and unique yet contextual. We believe that buildings should possess a presence and personality that spark curiosity and bring pleasure and a sense of belonging.

Our Methodology: Micropolitics
FMA’s expertise spans a wide variety of typologies. What we carry from one project to another is not a look or a brand but the design intelligence that we have gathered from our extensive experience. Using an iterative approach, we dismantle and reassemble familiar architectural tropes to discover novel solutions. We revel in the sensuality of materials and new fabrication technologies, and we are committed to sustainability in the way we build and the materials we use. Our buildings are durable, resilient and versatile, designed to perform as open platforms offering diverse opportunities for engagement.

Who We Are
FMA is a London-based architecture practice with a reputation for working with clients from many different parts of the world who recognize the profound impact of architecture on the quality of life. Our work is informed by research conducted through our own FunctionLab. FMA’s founder, Farshid Moussavi, is an internationally acclaimed architect and Professor in Practice of Architecture in the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Prior to establishing FMA in 2011, she was co-founder of Foreign Office Architects (FOA), a practice renowned for combining technical innovation with design excellence.